Words of Our Happy Entertainment Insurance Clients

"I strongly recommend FilmIns to events organizers and to anyone who is thinking of organizing a trade show, festival and other special events.  FilmIns works with your exact budget and needs. The guys at FilmIns are quick to respond to inquiries. Needless to say, our experience with this company has been unlike our experience with other entertainment insurance companies."
Horatio Tippers, Events Organizer in Texas

"The guys at FilmIns are simply very good at understanding our film production and determining what should be insured and what didn’t need to be insured. They really invested time and effort in doing this. We were able to save money in the process."
Ken Matthers, Film Director Michigan

"Our three-day outdoor music festival would’ve been a complete financial disaster if we hadn’t taken out weather protection insurance. It was just raining throughout the entire event, and spectator turnout wasn’t what we estimated it to be. FilmIn’s weather protection insurance made sure we still had profit even when was actual revenue wasn’t that great. We recommend them to anyone searching for entertainment insurance."
Steve Turros, concert producer in Miami

"We wish to thank FilmIns and its efforts to promptly process our insurance claim for an accident that happened during the production of one of out documentary films. FilmIns has proven it is equally committed to helping customers and to closing sales."
Dale Renney, Miami

"I am amazed how the guys at FilmIns are so attentive! Our talk with one of their agents felt like we were talking doctor who is diagnosing our condition and working out the most appropriate prescription."
Mike Denver, concert producer in Chicago

"We are bookmarking FilmIns for our future events. The staff really pays attention to the information we give them and take the time to assess and recommend the most appropriate insurance program for our entertainment event. We saved a lot on insurance premiums."
Catherine Moening, special event organizer in Michigan

"Having worked with a number of entertainment insurance companies in the past, I was largely impressed by the efficiency and honesty of FilmIns. They have definitely won over a long term customer."
Dan Derrus, Texas

"Being new to events organizing, we were afraid we wouldn't be able to get the insurance coverage needed for the concert we were organizing on campus, mostly because we didn’t think we could afford it. But FilmIns is just amazing! We didn’t think the premiums would be that cheap."
Jenny Schultz, Stafford University, Michigan