Movie Production Insurance Package

Before starting production of your movie, make sure that you have an entertainment insurance package in place. Our movie production package is comprehensive, it is practically the only insurance package you will ever need.

More importantly, our premiums are competitive. Our package provides worldwide protection, hence, you can shoot anywhere in the world and still be protected. Our only minimum requirement is that your production must have a budget of over $1 million.

Our movie production package provides coverage for:

  • Protection for cast (pre-production, principal photography and post-production)
  • Liability and physical damage caused by automobiles
  • Owned and rented props, wardrobe and sets
  • Owned and rented shooting equipment
  • Owned and rented other equipment
  • Negative film or videotape
  • Faulty stock, camera and processing
  • Third party property damage
  • Contents of business office
  • Money and securities

If you want to get a quote for our movie production insurance package, please fill out the application form . Make sure you provide us a copy of your complete budget, script, and biographies of the filmmakers.