Weather Insurance Coverage

If your show or shooting has every chance of being cancelled due to a brewing storm or some other adverse weather condition, weather insurance could be your single most important insurance coverage.

Weather insurance is not just for events and shootings held in the outdoors. This type of insurance coverage also helps stem the losses of indoor events. As any events organizer would know, heavy rains or snow can affect spectator attendance.

FilmIns offers weather insurance as the silver lining to the dark clouds hovering over your show. We’d be happy to give you a free quote, just tell us (a) date or dates of the event, (b) venue of the event (c) face amount of the coverage, and the (d) the type of weather you want to be protected from.

Whether you want to protect your investment from too much or too little rainfall, snowfall or a drastic change in temperature and the wind, we will provide you with the best insurance policies.

Our premium rates vary depending on the information you provide. You can reduce the rate of your premium by reducing the coverage hours, having an alternate date of the event, or increasing the baseline amount of rain fall or snow fall to trigger the insurance protection.

Don’t let bad weather storm your investment. Let FilmIns help you with the weather insurance protection for your show get a quote now.