Proper Entertainment Insurance Certificates in Los Angeles (LA)

In the city of Los Angeles, CA there can be no film or performance without a proper certificate of insurance in place. If you are a film producer or events organizer, purchase an insurance policy with us. We have the best rates for the most effective policies. Our certificates of insurance can be downloaded directly from the internet and have the proper wording needed for the City of Los Angeles (LA), California.

We provide no-obligation quotes, but we deliver insurance certificates practically as fast you order them.
Our guarantee:

  • You get insurance quotes online instantly.
  • You pay for competitive insurance rates.
  • You can choose from a wide selection of insurance programs.
  • You get excellent customer support service.

We are a Los Angeles (LA), California based insurance brokerage firm dedicated to providing the best service and value-for-money to our customers. Our best management practices, along with the latest in technology allows us to deliver on our promises – for your protection and peace of mind. We offer the full breadth of entertainment insurance policies: all-risk entertainment insurance, all-risk movie insurance, Errors & Omissions (E&O), venue insurance, weather protection insurance, equipment floater, insurance for equipment rentals, and key artist insurance. Whether you are shooting a film or holding a concert or some other special event in Los Angeles or anywhere in the state of California, be sure to call on us.

We have considerable experience in dealing with different clients, ranging from film production houses to events organizers. We cater to productions filming outside the studio as well as concerts and other events inside enclosed venues and outside venues in LA, California. We have a track record of customizing insurance programs to the specific needs of our clients. This experience is founded on our in-depth knowledge of the entertainment industry and government regulations. Being able to asses the risks involved allows us to custom-fit your policy to your unique needs – it’s the best protection at the lowest price.

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