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FilmIns offers a full spectrum of insurance programs for the serious side of your entertainment business. We offer value for your money and easy accessibility. Credit cards are accepted, certificates are issued online.

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We have worked with hundreds of producers, filmmakers, artists, and promoters offering them the appropriate insurance programs that fit their needs and budgets. Allow us to work with you, see how the latest internet technology can make it easier for you to get the insurance policy you need.

  • Film Production

    An all-risk insurance program that covers movie productions with a budget of over $1 million each for practically all risks that come with filming.

  • Special Event Insurance

    Special events insurance is an all-risk insurance program that provides insurance protection for hundreds of kinds of special events that last up to 90 days.

  • Festival & Trade Show

    Our insurance policies cover festivals and trade shows held anywhere in the US and Canada. We offer two different types of policies: per-event policy and annual policy.

  • Producer E&O

    Producer E&O (or Errors and Omissions) protects movie, television and radio producers from lawsuits that may arise from the contents of their production. 

  • Annual Events Coverage

    This insurance program covers events relating to holidays, concerts, shows, weddings, festivals & business meetings. There is no maximum attendance limit.

  • Distributor E&O

    This insurance program protects media distributors from lawsuits that may arise from the contents of the titles they are distributing.

  • Post Production

    Our post-production equipment insurance program makes it possible for you to replace equipment in case they stolen or damaged.

  • Wedding Cancellation

    This insurance program will not protect you from runaway brides or runaway grooms, but it will shield you from some financial damages.

  • Venue Insurance

    Anything can happen with large crowds, but adequate venue insurance coverage will protect theaters, stadiums, arenas, and all other large event locations.

  • Concert Productions

    Whether you are producing a one-time concert or a series of events in multiple locations, FilmIns offers insurance programs that cover your events.

  • Event Cancellation

    Event cancellation insurance insures against losses caused by one peril or another, including but not limited to adverse weather & acts of terrorism.

  • Movie Boat

    Movie boat insurance is a comprehensive liability program that covers marine property, specifically, boats, barges, marinas, docks, piers and wharves.

  • Sporting Event

    Sports insurance is a must regardless if you are organizing a one-time sporting event, maintaining league teams, or are organizing tournaments.

  • Equipment Floater

    This is an insurance program that makes it easy for film producers to replace owned and rented equipment in cases of theft or damage.

  • DICE/Annual Production

    We offer an all-risk insurance program for DICE or Documentary, Industrial, Commercial or Educational productions that have a budget of $5 million or less.

  • Foreign Production

    This insurance program provides all-risk protection for productions shot outside of the United States and Canada, made by U.S.-based filmmakers.

  • Artist Liability

    Losing a key artist can be detrimental to your show. With FilmIns Artist Liability Program, you can weather the storm without hurting your bottom line.

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