Special Event Insurance

FilmIns understands that it is not just the film production that needs insurance protection. Special events also need to be covered because - like a film production - anything can also happen with an event.

Our Special Events insurance program offers protection to over 200 types of special events that last for 90 days or less. These include holiday events, plays, concerts and shows, weddings, festivals, business meetings, and parties. We also cover exhibitions and conventions, political events, fundraising events, lectures, and religious or spiritual events.

Enjoy your show knowing that your investment is protected from the unexpected.
Our Special Events insurance program protects your event from:

  • General liabilities
  • Other liabilities related to - (a) automobiles and damage to property, (b) liquor liability and (c) third party property damage.
  • Loss or destruction of rented or owned equipment, sets, props, and wardrobe
  • Losses from paying for the medical coverage of event participants and spectators
  • Losses from event cancellation, for reasons including adverse weather conditions
  • Workers' compensation expense

Our Special Events insurance program covers events held anywhere in the United States and Canada. In order to qualify, your event must not involve mechanical amusement devices, aircraft, stunts, pyrotechnics, and hazardous activities. FilmIns Special Events insurance coverage program also excludes car races, precision driving events, and live rap/hip-hop or live metal concerts. Events that need private armed security guards are also not accepted. We do however have a special program available at a higher price that would cover the above restrictions. Whether you’re organizing your own wedding, or are excited about the concert you just planned, we can guarantee your peace of mind. That’s what FilmIns Special Events insurance program is all about.

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