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  • Venue Insurance

    Anything can happen with large crowds, but adequate venue insurance coverage will protect theaters, stadiums, arenas, and all other large event locations.

  • Special Event Insurance

    Special events insurance is an all-risk insurance program that provides insurance protection for hundreds of kinds of special events that last up to 90 days.

  • Concert Productions

    Whether you are producing a one-time concert or a series of events in multiple locations, FilmIns offers insurance programs that cover your events.

  • Festival & Trade Show

    Our insurance policies cover festivals and trade shows held anywhere in the US and Canada. We offer two different types of policies: per-event policy and annual policy.

  • Sporting Event

    Sports insurance is a must regardless if you are organizing a one-time sporting event, maintaining league teams, or are organizing tournaments.

  • Artist Liability

    Losing a key artist can be detrimental to your show. With FilmIns Artist Liability Program, you can weather the storm without hurting your bottom line.

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