Movie & Film Production Insurance

FilmIns offers the full spectrum of insurance for films, movies, and TV production to cover any unexpected twist and turn during shooting days. We cover location shoots and studio shoots anywhere in the United States and Canada. We also have special foreign coverage policies available for out of the country shoots.

Protect your film investment with our film insurance programs.
These are customized to cover:

  • Short-Term Productions A single production lasting less than a year and with a budget less than $1,000,000
  • DICE or Annual Productions with a production cost of up to $5,000,000
  • Foreign Productions of up to 12 months regardless of budget.

All our film insurance programs cover:

  • Owned and rented film equipment
  • Sets, props, and wardrobe
  • Faulty and negative stock
  • Property damage by third parties
  • Extra expenses
  • General liability Automobile accidents and physical damage
  • Workers’ compensation

Whether you’re shooting short-term productions or DICE / Annual productions, we have the right insurance coverage for your type of production and, more importantly, your budget. In order to qualify, please make sure your production does NOT involve stunts, fight scenes, and live gangster rap music. Productions that use aircraft, boats and ammunition including guns and blanks are also excluded from these programs. We do however have a special program available at a higher price that would cover the above restrictions.

If you are shooting on a boat, barge, platform, marina, dock, wharf or pier, our Movie Boat Insurance provides a comprehensive insurance program to cover marine property like hull and machinery. It also protects your production against any liability including Charterer's Legal Liability, Towers Liability, Wharfinger's Liability, and other excess liability.

We also have a worldwide Equipment Floaters program that protects your equipment from all types of risks - anywhere in the world. For your peace of mind, we also offer Producer’s Errors and Omissions insurance coverage. Under our Equipment Floaters program are insurance coverage programs for (a) rented and owned shooting and postproduction equipment, (b) building contractors’ equipment like air conditioning and carpentry, and (c) personal articles like jewelry and art collection.

Our Producer’s Errors & Omissions program protects your production company and/or distributor from various lawsuits. These lawsuits can stem from allegations of breach of contract, copyright infringement, invasion of privacy, and libel and other forms of defamation. All our film insurance programs are guaranteed to fit your needs and your budget. We’d be more than glad to assist you in your film insurance needs. Ask us for a quote now.

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