Artist Liability Insurance

Losing a key artist can be detrimental to your show. It makes sense: the most attended shows are those by an artist with a huge fan base. An artist’s or a spokesperson’s recklessness can be costly too. With FilmIns Artist Liability Protection Program, you can afford the damage without hurting your bottom line. It doesn’t matter if your show is a one-time event, a tour or an annual concert, you will need to protect your investment from unexpected occurrences. These include an artist’s liability, equipment loss, sudden death, or your spokesperson’s damaging actions. Under this insurance, there are different types of programs to cover specific liabilities.

Artist Liability
This insurance protects you from third-party liability claims that arose from the artist’s conduct onstage and offstage. This protection also covers liabilities caused by the artist’s direct employees.

Equipment Coverage
This covers the cost of replacing or renting equipment in cases of theft or damage to the artists’ equipment.

Image Protection Insurance
This type of insurance protects your business from your spokesperson’s actions that may damage the promotion of your show. This type of insurance protection covers the cost of pulling products off shelves, re-shooting TV commercials, or running public apologies.

Key Man Life Insurance
This provides financial protection when a key artist dies. This type of insurance protects the key artist’s immediate family and the artist’s team such as members of his band and support team.

All-Cause Death Insurance
This type of insurance protects show performers without their knowledge. This type of life insurance does not require a physical examination.

People are ultimately your best assets, but they also present the greatest risks. So it really does pay to protect the people in your show.

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