Vendors and Exhibitors Insurance

This insurance program provides protection for participants at trade shows, festivals, fairs, and other similar lively activities.

With vendors and exhibitors insurance program you are covered for up to thirty (30) days. There is also no restriction on the number of people who attend the event in order for you to be covered.

Get a quote from us and find yourself protected against losses arising from:

  • General Liability for bodily injury and property damage caused by one of your  employees or agents
  • Liquor Liability or losses arising from causing the intoxication of a person, serving alcohol to minors or an already intoxicated person, or violation of any rules against the distribution of alcoholic beverages during the event
  • Third Party Property Damage or damage to other people’s property while under your care
  • Damage to rented equipment, sets, props, or wardrobe
  • Medical attention to event participants and spectators
  • All risks related to owned equipment

Our vendors and exhibitors insurance program is good for one participant at one particular event. You cannot be insured for two events under a single insurance policy. We do offer other programs for the actual event organizers as well as annual vendors and exhibitors coverage plans.

A vendors and exhibitors insurance program should be in place prior to, or before the actualization of the event in which you are a participant.

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