Producer Errors and Omissions Insurance

Insurance for Errors & Omissions (E&O) is a pre-requisite for establishing a distribution network for your production. Errors & Omissions insurance is not limited to movie producers. In fact, radio and television producers are also eligible for liability coverage.

What Errors & Omissions insurance does is indemnify producers from lawsuits that may arise from the content of a production, including lawsuits alleging (a) infringement of copyright, (b) libel or slander, (c) invasion of privacy, (d) plagiarism or unauthorized copying of ideas, (e) defamation or degrading of products (trade libel), and (f) infringement on title, slogan, or trademark.

Any type of production may be eligible for Errors & Omissions insurance. However, Errors & Omissions must be obtained BEFORE the fact of distribution, not after the fact. Productions that have had prior losses due to content errors are not eligible for coverage.

Please furnish us with copies of the script, budget, filmmaker biographies as well as any licenses you might have.

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