Special Event Insurance

Special events insurance is an all-risk insurance program that provides insurance protection for hundreds of kinds of special events that last up to 90 days, with a maximum spectators’ attendance of 10,000 on any given day.

Like movie production insurance, there are negative qualifiers to special events insurance. Chief among these negative qualifiers is that the event to be insured must not involve hazardous activities, stunts or pyrotechnics. There are other negative qualifiers, including:

  • No car races or precision driving
  • Not involve mechanical devices
  • No armed guards to secure the venue of the event
  • Event should not take place in the water
  • Event should not be held outside of the United States
  • Must not involve live performances of rap or hip-hop music as well as rock or metal music

We do however have a special program available at a higher price that would cover the above restrictions.

Under a special events insurance program, an event producer can indemnify himself against: (a) general liability, (b) liquor liability, (c) hired and non-owned automobile liability (d), damage to third party property, (e) damage to rented props, sets wardrobe and equipment, (f) cost of medical attention to spectators and participants.

With special events insurance, an events producer can extricate himself from losses due to event cancellation, adverse weather condition, earthquakes and floods.

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