Venue Insurance

We offer insurance protection for almost all types of venues including: arenas, amphitheaters, auditoriums, coliseums, civic centers, convention centers, music halls, performing arts theatres, stadiums, and multi-purpose facilities.

Our premiums are guaranteed to be one of the best priced for the protection your venue needs. We offer protection for these types of liabilities:

  • general liability
  • liquor-related liability
  • employee benefits’ liability
  • property damage
  • tenant user liability
  • criminal liability
  • excess liability

We do not cover movie theaters, skate parks, nightclubs, and roller skating rinks, although other similar venues like in-line hockey, ice-skating facilities may qualify for coverage. Museums may also qualify for insurance protection. We do however have a special program available at a higher price that would cover the above restrictions.

We cover the whole range of venues, from small to mid-sized facilities with a seating capacity of 15,000 or less to larger venues. A venue must at least be three years old to qualify for insurance. The venue’s management must also have at least three years experience in the business.

Affordable insurance rates are available to events organizers through our Tenant’s Liability Insurance program. Under this type of protection, an event organizer only pays for the insurance policy that covers the venue for the duration of the event.

Getting this type of term insurance is easy – either the venue management or the event organizer can get in touch with us. We will then protect your venue based on the broad leasing requirements of the event. We can cover your venue even if you call us at the last minute.

If you manage a venue and you want to tap the market of small events, Tenant’s Liability Insurance is a great tool to promote your venue. It’s cheap and fairly easy to get.

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