Wedding Cancellation Insurance

This insurance program will not protect you from runaway brides or runaway grooms, but it will shield you from some financial heartache should any of these things happen:

  • The venues for the wedding ceremony and reception become unusable.
  • The caterer or other supplier goes bankrupt and cannot provide you with the service you booked for.
  • Your wedding had to be canceled because of bad weather, some terrorist act, your bride or groom got deployed in the military, or your fiancée’s or fiancé’s flight to your wedding got delayed.

There are some limitations to this insurance program. The wedding must take place in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands (except Cuba) and in cruise ships that leave from these ports.

Our wedding cancellation insurance program insures your wedding rings, wedding attire, photography and video, luggage, the wedding and flowers, and wedding documents. This insurance coverage is not limited to the wedding ceremony itself – it also covers the rehearsals and the reception.

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