Movie Boat Insurance

Our Movie Boat Insurance is a comprehensive liability insurance program that covers marine property, specifically, boats, barges, marinas, docks, platforms, piers and wharves.

Under our movie boat insurance program, producers can count on (a) being indemnified against liability for bodily injuries, and (b) being financially protected from watercraft-related liabilities.

With our movie boat insurance program, the main liabilities that are covered include:

  • Death, personal injury and sickness of a boat’s crew, the production crew and people who have nothing to do with production,
  • Damages to cargo on board the watercraft,
  • Damages to docks, piers, jetties, and other fixed marine objects,
  • Damages incurred by other vessels and their cargo due to collision with the insured vessel;
  • Fines and penalties incurred due to an inadvertent violation of port rules,
  • Incurred expenses due to the law-mandated removal of a wrecked vessel,

Other than those liabilities, our movie boat insurance program also covers watercraft under 100 tons (gross) for pollution liabilities on a limited basis. You can choose to indemnification for any or all of these liabilities: charterer's legal liability, wharfinger's liability, towers liability, and excess liability.

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